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How should pension funds apply ESG to derivatives?

Kerrin Rosenberg (teaser)

Despite the prominence of derivatives across UK pension scheme portfolios, the assessment of sustainability factors in derivatives remains relatively nascent, writes Cardano UK’s Kerrin Rosenberg.

How much has DB regulation cost?

Iain Clacher_Con Keating B&W (teaser)

Iain Clacher and Con Keating investigate the cost, including lost tax on businesses’ profits, of ever-increasing contributions to defined benefit pension schemes.

Time in the sun for pension costs and charges

Mel Duffield (teaser)

Strong take-up of the Cost Transparency Initiative should not mean the industry takes its eye off the ball on costs, argues chair Mel Duffield.

Schemes must stay safe as cyber threat heightens

Angus Peters

Editor’s blog: As the threat of Covid-19 rumbles on, a concurrent wave of cyber attacks should have the pensions industry on high alert.

Practising what you preach – ESG in DC

Hal La Thangue (teaser)

Data crunch: Broadridge’s Hal La Thangue examines the growing prominence of ESG in defined contribution, and reveals a concurrent increase in the wider principle of ‘doing good’ in pensions.

UK avoids Australia’s Covid-19 pensions trap

Jo Cumbo (teaser)

The UK’s quick moves to back up long-term savings during Covid-19 have reflected favourably on the nation, but more thought is needed on how to support older workers through job losses and an onslaught of scams, writes FT pensions correspondent Josephine Cumbo.

The dawn of continuous governance

Roger Mattingly (teaser)

The pensions industry’s reaction to Covid-19 has ushered in an era of professionalism and frequent monitoring that should arguably have always been the status quo, writes Ross Trustees’ Roger Mattingly.

The new normal: should pension firms return to the office?

Girish Menezes (teaser) new

The pensions industry has proved to itself that homeworking can work. The challenge now is making it sustainable, and rethinking the office as an attractive opt-in addition to most workers’ lives, writes Premier Pensions’ Girish Menezes.

DB to DC transfers: time for trustees to do more?

Kirsty Pake

For many people, giving up a guaranteed income for life will not be in their best financial interests, and yet record numbers are transferring their benefits out of DB schemes and into DC.  Is it time for trustees to do more to help members? Kirsty Pake of Sackers investigates.

Cost data collection – is it all worth it?

Chris Sier (teaser)

Data crunch: In the final instalment of his series analysing findings from the Cost Transparency Initiative, Chris Sier of ClearGlass asks what schemes should actually do with their own data.