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Putting flesh on the bones of the new NHS life assurance scheme

Royal London’s Moira Warner dives into the details of the government’s new solution to help the families of NHS staff who die from coronavirus.

Do asset-backed funding structures need an update?

Nicklin, Rahman (teaser)

It has now been more than a decade since Marks and Spencer implemented the first asset-backed funding structure, and some of the industry’s pioneering arrangements are showing their age, according to CMS’s Alex Nicklin and Rizwan Rahman.

Trustees must face hard governance truths after Covid shake-up

Jo Cumbo (teaser)

Tough decisions thrown up by the Covid-19 crisis are exposing the governance gap between trustee boards with adequate technical knowledge, and well-meaning but underskilled amateurs. The regulator must keep up its push for better standards, argues FT pensions correspondent and Pensions Expert columnist Josephine Cumbo.

More than a number: what it means to be a professional trustee

Greig McGuinness

Dalriada’s Greig McGuinness recounts his experience of accreditation as a professional trustee, and gives his thoughts on the responsibility to uphold the profession that comes with completing the process.

Segregated mandates – a club for large pension schemes only

Chris Sier (teaser)

Data crunch: Dr Chris Sier's latest cost data insight looks deeper into the divide between users of pooled funds and segregated mandates - and the tricky implications for schemes lacking scale.

Templates help, but govt help is needed on chair’s statements

George Currie

As the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association releases templates to help trustees avoid pitfalls in defined contribution chair’s statements, George Currie appeals for greater regulatory flexibility in how punishments are dished out.

Industry must not be defeatist on dashboards

Paul McGlone (teaser)

Paul McGlone’s last op-ed as president of the Society of Pension Professionals sees him make an impassioned plea not to abandon hope and impetus behind the dashboards project, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to solve the industry’s engagement problem.

Asset allocation analysis reveals UK’s governance weakness

Chris Sier (teaser)

Data crunch: Another edition of Dr Chris Sier’s insights into cost data collection reveals an inability of large chunks of the UK scheme universe to fulfil their engagement duties fully, leaving policymakers with tricky questions over how to proceed on environmental, social and governance rules.

If you think you know your costs, you could be wrong - UPDATED

Chris Sier (teaser)

Update: In response to reader requests, we have now published the full table of Dr Chris Sier's findings on average costs with a breakdown by asset class, for use as a resource for the pensions community.

Not all asset managers are created equal

Chris Sier (teaser)

Data crunch: In the second instalment of a series distilling learnings from the Cost Transparency Initiative, ClearGlass’s Chris Sier names the asset managers that have actively supported schemes to better understand their costs.