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What HMRC’s guidance means for GMP in 2020

Mark Williams

Buck’s Mark Williams explains why trustees, administrators and consultants are still facing challenges on guaranteed minimum pensions equalisation despite recent guidance from the taxman.

Unnecessary obstacles creating unequal opportunities to save

Joanne Segars

Now Pensions chair of trustees Joanne Segars points out the current challenges of the gender pensions gap and how some simple solutions could go a long way to correct this imbalance.

The biggest driver of change in DC

Jonathan Libre (teaser)

Data Crunch: Broadridge’s Jonathan Libre looks at recent changes in legislation in the defined contribution space and how these schemes have adapted to a fast-evolving world of requirements.  

GMP equalisation: Was it worth it?

Jo Cumbo (teaser)

Guidance from government on how to deal with tax issues in GMP conversion is urgently needed so that schemes can proceed with equalisation, as there is a great risk that implementation costs will be higher than the actual benefits members will receive, warns columnist and Financial Times pensions correspondent Josephine Cumbo.

Time to focus on getting 2020 pension vision for self-employed

Peter Glancy (teaser)

Scottish Widows’ Peter Glancy examines the available solutions to get self-employed workers saving into a pension, and explains why the government needs to implement reforms in this area.

Big shake-up to pensions taxation would change it for worse

Robbins, David (teaser)

Willis Towers Watson’s David Robbins explains why the current pensions tax relief system works for most people, and how making changes is easier said than done.

Schemes at risk from dwindling IFA transfer market

Mark van den Berghen (Teaser)

It pays for schemes to beat the rush when looking for an independent financial adviser to handle projects such as liability management exercises, says Buck’s Mark van den Berghen, adding that in the current regulatory environment due diligence on IFAs is paramount.

Government's latest green push should come as no surprise

Fergus Moffatt

ShareAction's Fergus Moffatt hits out at suggestions the government's proposal to force climate-related disclosure encroaches on schemes' investment freedoms, and says trustees should have nothing to fear from greater transparency.

Pensions in an open finance future?

George Currie

The possibilities to improve pensions using open finance are many and wide-ranging, but the industry must be honest about the challenges of implementing such a framework, writes the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association’s George Currie.

Is the pensions industry up to speed on cyber security?

Harris Walsh (teaser)

Pension schemes present a treasure trove of valuable data for cyber criminals and scammers, yet most trustees are lagging other financial services sectors. Fieldfisher’s Jeremy Harris and James Walsh explore the key risks and steps to shore up controls.