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Trustees need to up their game to protect member journey

Helen Beckinsale (teaser)

Trustees should up their game when it comes to contingency planning and member communications, as 90 per cent of schemes that have entered assessment at the pensions lifeboat fund could be better prepared, writes Helen Beckinsale, panel service manager at the Pension Protection Fund.

Bridging the advice gap, one nudge at a time

Anthony Morrow

OpenMoney's co-founder Anthony Morrow calls on to the pensions industry to change the perception of financial advice, as negative associations with the profession make it more difficult to close the advice gap.

Pensions Expert September edition: Braving post-crisis markets

Angus Peters

Editorial: These days, nothing is certain. But the difficulties defined benefit schemes face in setting their investment and funding strategy over the next year really take the biscuit.

Has the DGF had its day?

Broadridge’s Hal La Thangue asks whether the ability of low-correlation diversified growth funds to shine through crises can save them from a tarnished reputation.

TPR sets dangerous precedent with AE breathing space

Jo Cumbo (teaser)

The Pensions Regulator should reinstate immediately the 90-day requirement on providers to report unpaid auto-enrolment contributions, as the breathing space given to employers during the pandemic sets a dangerous precedent for a resource-restrained regulator, writes FT pensions correspondent Josephine Cumbo

Applying the lessons of coronavirus to climate change

Nikesh Patel (teaser)

Kempen’s Nikesh Patel explains how current pension schemes’ longevity assumptions do not take into account climate change, which could have a drastic impact for the sector.

RPI switching – dead in the water?

James Bingham

Sackers’ James Bingham analyses the recent court cases on requests to change inflation indexation, explaining that despite the string of losses, employers will still continue to look at the courts with a glimpse of hope as a positive verdict could shed tens of millions of pounds in liabilities.

Schemes must prepare for a tsunami of admin requests

Mark Webster (teaser)

As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, a tsunami of redundancy, early retirement and divorce requests is facing trustees and administrators, who need to work together to manage additional workloads, points out Cosan’s Consulting Mark Webster.

Master trusts hit by ‘perfect storm’

Tinslay, Paul (teaser)

Data crunch: Dalriada’s Paul Tinslay explains how repercussions from Covid-19 and possible changes in legislation have created a “perfect storm” for defined contribution master trusts.

How should pension funds apply ESG to derivatives?

Kerrin Rosenberg (teaser)

Despite the prominence of derivatives across UK pension scheme portfolios, the assessment of sustainability factors in derivatives remains relatively nascent, writes Cardano UK’s Kerrin Rosenberg.