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Why face-to-face member engagement outdoes digital…for now

Robert Branagh

The London Pension Fund Authority’s Robert Branagh explains why meeting members in person can quell scam fears and inform strategy on environmental, social and governance issues.

Pension funds should quiz their managers on voting

Jeanne Martin

ShareAction’s Jeanne Martin says asset owners have a duty to question their asset managers on voting policies, as some of the biggest players were found to be blocking progress on climate change.

Is more needed to clean up fiduciary management?

Amanda Burdge

Quantum Advisory's Amanda Burdge says the welcome Competition and Markets Authority remedies for fiduciary management still leave the door open for managers to mark their own scorecards in some situations.

Election policies we need but probably won’t get

Jo Cumbo (teaser)

FT pensions correspondent Josephine Cumbo lays out four much-needed pensions reforms, and urges politicians to use the election to promote considered policy rather than headline-grabbing.

Introduction of professional trustees should be gradual

Lesley Carline

The industry remains divided over whether trustee boards should be mandated to appoint a professional trustee because, while they might improve standards, they also lead to an increase in costs. To tackle this, the Pensions Management Institute’s Lesley Carline explains why the regulator should adopt a phased introduction of professional trustees.

GMP issue still needs more input from government

David Pharo

Looking back at the Pensions Administration Standards Association’s priorities over 2019, David Pharo says there are still questions around the treatment of certain member classes when undertaking guaranteed minimum pension equalisation.