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IGCs let savers down with impunity

Jo Cumbo (teaser)

The Financial Conduct Authority has confirmed consumer campaigners’ fears that independent governance committees are not always independent, nor always good at governing value for money. Yet the regulator is sparing providers’ blushes and even rewarding failing committees with new responsibilities, writes FT pensions correspondent and Pensions Expert columnist Josephine Cumbo.

How fiduciary management performance should really be assessed

Anne-Marie Gillon (teaser)

Trying to draw inferences about fiduciary managers by comparing their growth funds grossly misses the point – to outperform liabilities – of these mandates, argues IC Select’s Anne-Marie Gillon.

Pension funds face a dilemma if negative rates materialise

Pavan Bhardwaj (teaser)

The era of low interest rates has created challenges for trustees that could become acute and require redress if low interest rates become negative, writes Pavan Bhardwaj of Ross Trustees.

What role does culture play in value for money?

Chris Sier (teaser)

Data crunch: ClearGlass’s Chris Sier shows that the best active funds are usually run by the lowest-cost managers, and asks whether fund houses’ readiness to provide data can be shown to be a sign of good net performance.

TPR’s superfund green light is only the start

Rosalind Connor_Aneliese Sweeney (teaser)

The Pensions Regulator’s new interim regime for superfunds has sounded that starting gun for commercial defined benefit consolidation, but there are still significant hurdles to be overcome, write Rosalind Connor and Aneliese Sweeney of Arc Pensions Law.

What we can learn from Chile’s pension system

Tim Gosling (teaser)

Ahead of the release of a new book on learnings from international pension systems, co-editor Tim Gosling uses the example of Chile to show how an initially flawed defined contribution system can be converted into one that sustainably converts capital into income.

The £1bn myth: how scheme-level costs change with size

Chris Sier (teaser)

Drawing together conclusions of recent articles, ClearGlass’s Chris Sier shows that merely making it past the magic £1bn does not automatically deliver scale benefits to members.

Why we are taking action to ensure a safe DB consolidator market

Counsell, Charles_new (teaser)

The Pensions Regulator’s Charles Counsell explains the principles behind the watchdog's new framework for regulating the defined benefit consolidator market.

Upside down: why trustees should be wary of unexpected outperformance

Nikesh Patel (teaser)

Firing a shot across the bows of industry peers, Kempen’s Nikesh Patel argues that trustees should be sceptical of fiduciary managers delivering significantly greater returns than expected when times are good.

Does paying more deliver more performance?

Chris Sier (teaser)

You get what you pay for, right? As far as fund management is concerned, this old adage does not quite ring true, although as ever there are some caveats, argues ClearGlass’s Chris Sier.