Members or fraudsters? Take action now to weather the dashboard storm

Spencer Lynch

GBG's Spencer Lynch issues a call to arms on the pensions dashboard initiative.

Why are annuities making a comeback for pensioners?

Kevin Hollister

With annuities being revamped, Guiide founder Kevin Hollister asks if a pension product that got so much hate could be enjoying a revival.

Pensions dashboards will require a consumer protection regime

Tim Gosling (teaser)

B&CE head of pensions policy Tim Gosling assesses the current state of the regulatory framework for pensions dashboards.

What has happened to my inflation hedge?

Derek Steeden (teaser)

Invesco Solutions Portfolio Manager Derek Steeden analyses the collapse in index-linked gilt prices despite soaring inflation, and explores what opportunities this might bring.

The dashboards consultation response: a positive step forward

Darren Philp

Independent consultant Darren Philp considers the government’s response to its consultation on pensions dashboards.

Five factors to consider before investing in illiquid alternatives

Jeremy Spira

Despite providing important diversification for schemes’ portfolios, illiquid assets are expensive and complex to manage, writes Jeremy Spira, portfolio manager at Charles Stanley Fiduciary Management.

Pensions dashboards and the importance of language

Paul Carney

Shoosmiths partner Paul Carney debates the importance of language and how the pensions dashboards project has scope for errors and delay.

Tackling patchy carbon emissions data from issuers

Claire Bews

Insight Investment credit portfolio manager Claire Bews highlights the issues with carbon emissions data from securities issuers, and how engagement from asset owners can improve these disclosures.

Inflation protection for pension scheme benefits

Robin Jakob

LPX AG managing director Robin Jakob explains how high inflation is posing a significant worry for defined benefit scheme investments and why core infrastructure can provide better protection.

What is on the horizon for the LGPS?

Michael Welford

Michael Welford, consultant and actuary at Quantum Advisory, considers the next steps for the Local Government Pension Scheme, with the results of its triennial valuation due later this year.