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Light at end of tunnel in Barnet admin fiasco

Long-running issues with poor-quality data at the London Borough of Barnet Pension Fund, administered by Capita, are at last showing some signs of improvement.

TPR expresses 'grave concerns' over USS funding proposal

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On the go: In a leaked email to Universities Superannuation Scheme, The Pensions Regulator has expressed “grave concerns” over an option for finalising its 2018 valuation that could delay funding pressures into the future.

Templates launched to improve cost transparency in £2tn industry

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On the go: The Cost Transparency Initiative has unveiled its templates and guidance for asset managers and suppliers of services to pension schemes, encouraging reporting of costs and charges in a standardised format so trustees can easily compare managers and asset classes.

FTSE 100 pensions schemes face £100bn hit

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On the go: Impending accounting standards changes could hit FTSE 100 pension schemes by up to £100bn with more than a quarter being hit to the tune of £1bn, according to consultancy LCP.

UK schemes deficit falls to £6.4bn

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On the goThe aggregate deficit of the 5,450 UK defined benefit schemes in the PPF 7800 Index fell to £6.4bn at the end of April 2019 from £43.9bn at the end of March 2019.

TPR targets employers who flout auto-enrolment law

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On the go: Employers who avoid their auto-enrolment pension duties are being targeted by the Pensions Regulator in a new round of short-notice inspections.

Master trust authorisation period closes with 38 left in the running

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On the go: A total of 38 master trust authorisation applications had been submitted to The Pensions Regulator by Tuesday, as the extension period closed with more casualties expected.

DOIs: Could a cup of coffee lead to £1m DB fine?

A lack of clarity on proposed new legislation means a meeting over a cup of coffee to discuss a corporate transaction could cost an employer up to £1m in civil fines if a declaration of intent is not made in advance, according to law firm Pinsent Masons.

Members ‘blissfully’ unaware of pension minefield ahead

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On the go: Pension scheme members nearing retirement are ill-prepared for the problems they face when accessing their pensions, ranging from paying too much tax, to running out of money before the end of their days, or even losing their life savings to scams, according to a new survey of trustees.

Employers and unions rail against latest USS proposals

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On the goAcademics and employers have expressed their disappointment at the latest Universities Superannuation Scheme proposals in the long-running pensions dispute which saw universities brought to a standstill last year.