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Small schemes, big changes: How to tackle the UK governance problem

Vassos Vassou

Dalriada Trustees' Vassos Vassou sees professionalising the UK's trustee boards as a potential solution to the governance failings at small UK schemes. But with few sub-scale schemes able to afford the extra cost, could a regulatory levy be used to boost board expertise?

A sharper pensions system offers savers safe harbour

Angus Peters

If there is any positive to be taken from the downfall of ‘star’ fund manager Neil Woodford, the source of much chatter in the investment world this month, it is that it reminds us of the value of workplace institutions and the collective saving systems we enjoy in the UK, says editor Angus Peters.

What is the most important feature of a good DC scheme?

Data crunch: There is no doubt that defined contribution pension schemes face a large number of challenges in their quest to deliver good member outcomes.

MNTs need clarity on superfund regime to make transfers palatable

David Weeks

A lack of clarity on regulation and the need for protection against pushy employers means Association of Member Nominated Trustees members may well be reticent to sign off on superfund deals, writes the group's co-chair David Weeks.

Davey: 'Addicted' schemes should lead way in decarbonising capitalism

Sir Edward Davey

Liberal Democrat MP Sir Ed Davey launches a rallying call for pension funds "addicted" to carbon dividends to tackle the elephant in the room and align portfolios with the Paris climate agreement.

Avoiding environmental catastrophe is not just about investments

Daniel Taylor

In its preoccupation with the impact on investments on environmental, social and governance issues, Trafalgar House Pensions Administration's Daniel Taylor says the pensions industry has overlooked climate impacts much closer to home.