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In pensions as in Brexit, it pays to plan for the worst

Angus Peters

Editorial: The government would not be expected to flirt with the prospect of not achieving a Brexit deal without prior contingency planning. It is time for pension fund trustees to think carefully about what they would do if their sponsor goes under.

Why schemes cannot rely on credit strategies alone for CDI

Mark Davies

Cash flow-driven investing is flavour of the month with managers and consultants, but River and Mercantile's Mark Davies says a credit-reliant implementation of this strategy does not mitigate as much risk as trustees might assume.

Pensions taper is bad medicine for the NHS and should be ditched

Jo Cumbo (teaser)

Financial Times pensions correspondent Josephine Cumbo says the tapered annual allowance has missed its intended target and is damaging key public services, in her monthly column for Pensions Expert.

Risk management should not just focus on assets

Jonathan Libre (teaser)

Data Crunch: Performance numbers alone do not give an accurate picture of the health of a scheme, as the impact of the Brexit vote shows. Broadridge’s Jonathan Libre demonstrates the value of integrated risk management.

Only 1% reach insurance, what about everyone else?

Adam Saron

Clara Pensions chief executive officer Adam Saron hits out at "disingenuous" arguments being made in opposition to commercial consolidation, and makes the case for a superfund regulatory environment that avoids the strictures of Solvency II.

Authorisation will help make Britain 'best country in world to grow old'

Guy Opperman

As the deadline for master trusts to apply for authorisation expires, pensions and financial inclusion minister Guy Opperman says similar regimes could be used to ensure that other schemes meet the standards that savers deserve.