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Norcros moves to mastertrust in bid to improve governance

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Bathroom and kitchen products company Norcros is transferring its money purchase benefits to a mastertrust arrangement to provide "more focused governance" and greater flexibility.

Railways scheme on track with cost management

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The Railways Pension Scheme has saved £100m in fees, having restructured its external management and pooled fund arrangements, but despite being cost-conscious, the fund remains focused on net returns. 

RSA scheme targets buy-and-maintain strategy to derisk


The RSA Insurance Group’s Sal Pension Fund is focusing on buy-and-maintain credit as part of an investment strategy overhaul as the scheme looks to further derisk its portfolio following the results of its latest actuarial valuation. 

Ernst & Young overhauls DC scheme to fit the new freedoms

The Specialist: Changes at EY are aimed at reconciling its scheme with the pension reforms and could provide an opportunity to engage members.


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Selex cuts costs with new Care structure

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The Selex Pension Scheme has moved to a career average revalued earnings structure following the results of its latest triennial valuation, in an attempt to cut costs and reduce risk. 

Pilkington and EAPF increase infra for long-term returns

In the hunt for yield, the Pilkington Superannuation Scheme has decided to increase its exposure to infrastructure, as investors, including the Environment Agency Pension Fund, continue to seek diversification and return by allocating to this asset class.

Can risk parity work for pension funds?

Analysis: Risk parity funds promise diversification and consistent performance through risk allocation, but in the current climate of interest rate uncertainty how suitable is this strategy for pension schemes?

Lloyds Banking Group drives efficiency with single trustee board

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Lloyds Banking Group has merged the trustee boards of three of its defined benefit pension funds to boost efficiency, decrease duplication and strengthen its relationship with the schemes.

Jaguar Land Rover revs up global credit

Jaguar Land Rover has decided to alter the strategic asset allocation in its two pension schemes by boosting its exposure to global credit, while decreasing assets held for the purposes of matching changes in the fund’s liabilities.

The Weekly Wrap: April 22 edition

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A round-up of the pension industry stories published across the FT Group this week, from the financial benefits of investing in tobacco, to the plight of burnt-out grandparents.