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Why ESG is not a flash in the pan

Lydia Fearn

With interventions from government putting increased pressure on schemes to consider environmental, social and governance factors, trustees must not dismiss ESG as a fad, says Redington's Lydia Fearn.

DWP consultation will force trustees to take notice of ESG

Lydia Fearn

Pension trustees walk something of a tightrope these days, having to balance maximum short-term returns with being mindful of long-term factors that might affect future performance.

Everyone has a role to play in ESG

Lydia Fearn

Regulatory pressure on pension schemes to consider environmental, social and governance factors is building, so trustees, consultants and fund managers must work together to give members access to the best products, argues Redington's Lydia Fearn.

We need to better connect with members

Lydia Fearn

Engaging scheme members is vital if we are to close the savings gap, says Redington's Lydia Fearn.

Responsible investing should be a fiduciary duty

Lydia Fearn

Environmental, social and governance considerations should become an integral part of the investment process, argues Lydia Fearn from consultancy Redington.

What the guidance guarantee means for your scheme

In the latest edition of Technical Comment, Barclays' Lydia Fearn lays out the key questions and steps that schemes need to be asking to make sure they are ready to implement the guidance guarantee.