Latest articles from Ian Neale

Pot-follows-member: how it could work

Aries' Ian Neale gives a snapshot of where the small-pot consolidation project currently stands and points to where there could be further changes.

How greater Scottish devolution could affect your scheme

Aries' Ian Neale looks at why schemes need to prepare for changes to the Scottish tax system and how proposed devolution could affect them further. 

The latest on reconciling GMPs and how it affects your scheme

Aries' Ian Neale gives scheme managers an update on reconciling guaranteed minimum pension entitlements and how schemes are coping with the issue, in this edition of Technical Comment.

How to simplify pensions after 40 years of reform

Four decades of reform upon reform have left the pensions industry in dire need of respite from new legislation and room for discretion, argues Aries' Ian Neale in the latest Technical View.

Technical view: The Seldon ageism case and its implications for pension schemes

The case of Seldon vs Clarkson Wright & Jakes is about the scope for justifying direct discrimination on age grounds, and in particular a mandatory contractual retirement age.