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Providers eye departure from defaults in workplace success stories

Providers at both ends of the workplace pension market are reporting positive behaviours among their membership, prompting some to suggest that the government should not instigate further increases in minimum contribution rates.

Disclosure standard aims for strengthened trustee buy side

Investment consultants could be required to disclose scheme data allowing clients to judge the quality of their advice under a new performance framework, which has already attracted positive early statements from two top 10 firms including 'big three' member Mercer.

Sledgehammers and nuts

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Editorial: As ever, the Pensions Regulator walks a fine line when it comes to overseeing defined benefit pensions.

Trustees warned to be vigilant before approving superfund deals

Trustees eyeing a transfer into one of the UK’s nascent superfunds must consider the viability of the acquiring consolidation vehicle before consenting to a ‘buyout-lite’ deal, the Pensions Regulator’s executive director of frontline regulation has warned.

Regulator sees merit in criminal sanctions for DB sponsors

The Pensions Regulator is prepared to deploy tough new powers promised by the Department for Work and Pensions’ defined benefit white paper, although it admitted that there will be a high bar for beginning any criminal proceedings against sponsoring employers.

Industry backs alternative to mandatory clearance

Requiring companies to prepare a formal statement on how corporate activity might affect their pension schemes could help protect members from being put at risk, a survey of restructuring professionals has suggested.

Commodity of the future: Does water have a place in pension portfolios?

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Analysis: Progress on sustainability is paying dividends for those investing in increasing the world's water supply and efficiency, but do niche impact investments have a place in UK asset allocations?

Room for improvement

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Editorial: Credit where credit is due – Guy Opperman has had a successful first year as minister for pensions and financial inclusion.

PPF chief hints at closing superfunds’ regulatory advantage

Consolidation vehicles hoping to hoover up assets from deficit-weary employers could see their prices forced upwards by tough levy requirements and insurance-style protections, the chief executive of the Pension Protection Fund has said.

Time running out for DWP to book 2019 bills, Webb warns

The Department for Work and Pensions is at risk of running out of time to pass key aspects of its pensions policy agenda in 2019 due to the impact of Brexit and several measures yet to even reach a consultation stage, according to former pensions minister Sir Steve Webb.