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Minister lays down gauntlet for industry on sidecars

On the go: Guy Opperman has urged financial services companies to trial sidecar savings products with their employees, warning that they will lose their credibility if they are not seen to be offering their own staff the flexibility they advocate for others.

CDC serves an obvious purpose for DWP

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Editorial: Addressing Royal Mail workers in London last week, pensions and financial inclusion minister Guy Opperman was keen to justify what is effectively a legislative carve-out on collective defined contribution.

More unions eye CDC as possible negotiation outcome

With this week’s launching of a government consultation on collective defined contribution and legislation promised for December 2019, trade unions are now eyeing CDC as a possible alternative to pure defined contribution when closure of defined benefit schemes is unavoidable.

Supreme Court: Barnardo's wording does not allow RPI/CPI switch

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The Supreme Court’s rejection of an attempt by Barnardo’s to downgrade its pension increases is a reminder that courts are unlikely to bend rules to accommodate the commercial needs of defined benefit sponsors, according to legal experts.

CDC consultation aims to avoid Dutch pitfalls

Collective defined contribution schemes will be designed to minimise intergenerational unfairness, according to the Department for Work and Pensions, as it announced plans to legislate for the benefit structure in late 2019.

Investment consultants could be under microscope for next decade

Analysis: Investment consultants may not have taken the brunt of the Competition and Markets Authority's recommendations in July, but the industry will have to guard its reputation carefully through what could be a decade of regulatory scrutiny.

Hammond’s Budget looks to unlock DC savings for patient capital

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The government is to consult next year on whether the charge cap for defined contribution default funds should be changed to unlock greater investment in patient capital, as part of a Budget with significant implications for DC savers.

JLT switch to TDF default sees boost in engagement

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An overhaul of the default arrangement in the Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pension Scheme’s defined contribution section, switching from a lifestyle arrangement to target date funds, has brought its more engaged members back from their self-select funds.

Best of both worlds

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Editorial: As Ford and other carmakers ramp up their investments in the hybrid electric vehicles of the future, it is pleasing to see the US auto giant offering a hybrid pensions solution to its members.

UK pension system still lagging on adequacy and sustainability

The UK pensions system has major shortcomings in its adequacy and sustainability, and could be improved by rowing back some of freedom and choice, according to research comparing retirement provision around the globe.