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Simplifying our taxation system may have to wait

Angus Peters

Editorial: Do pension issues keep Boris Johnson awake at night? At first instance one suspects the plight of pensioners comes some distance behind gaining power and self-preservation on our presumed next prime minister’s list of priorities.

Could a Brexit swing in sterling catch out UK schemes?

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Data crunch: UK pension schemes continue to think globally with new allocations in the name of diversification, but are they managing their currency risk properly?

Global Pensions Wrap: July 13 edition

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Ever thought of tearing up your strategic asset allocation and starting again? Alaska's state pension board appears to be doing just that, as it terminated no fewer than 19 investment mandates – this and more from the FT's global pension coverage.

PPF criticises industry's customer service after weathering tricky year

The Pension Protection Fund has revealed it is investing in technology to improve its customer service, as the lifeboat’s membership swelled in a year of record claims.

Global Pensions Wrap: July 6 edition

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If UK defined benefits are considered to be unaffordable, spare a thought for Kentucky - where contribution rates have almost doubled to 83 per cent of salary in one year. This and more global pension headlines in our weekly round-up.

Logistics company and Glasgow Uni join Nest sidecar trial

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Master trust Nest has announced two new participants in its trial of a 'sidecar' savings solution, with employees at Yusen Logistics and the University of Glasgow to be offered the product in early autumn.

Superfunds left out of ‘quickie’ pensions bill

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On the go: A radically stripped down pensions bill could appear later this month, according to the shadow pensions minister, as politicians try to squeeze in legislation before the uncertainty of Brexit and a new government kicks in.

Rumours of buyout for British Steel scheme

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On the go: Trustees of the British Steel Pension Scheme are mulling a full buyout of the rescued scheme, according to reports from Sky News.

DB continues to mature as 73% cash flow negative

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On the go: Almost three out of every four defined benefit schemes in the UK are now cash flow negative, according to consultancy Mercer’s 2019 asset allocation survey.

Sequencing risk – the scourge of DC retirees

Data crunch: Could you time your retirement to make the most of market conditions? Analysis of historical returns shows many drawdown customers are taking a blind punt on sequencing, raising questions about appropriate retirement products for an inert population.