Select committee launches costs and transparency inquiry

The Work and Pensions Committee is to conduct an inquiry into transparency in the pensions industry, questioning whether individuals are able to understand the cost, performance and value for money of their pension products.

Bank of England raises base rate to 0.75%

The Bank of England has raised its base interest rate to 0.75 per cent, its highest level since February 2009.

FTSE 100 steps up derisking drive as deficits shrink

FTSE 100 (Getty)

Defined benefit schemes of FTSE 100 employers have continued to derisk investment portfolios at a rapid rate, despite mismatching of assets and liabilities generating attractive returns over the past year.

How are target date funds innovating?

Experts have always found it impossible to analyse one without making comparisons with the other. As with footballing greats Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, no conversation about the target date fund has ever taken place without mentioning its competitor, the lifestyle fund.

Pension SuperFund asset mix will borrow from PPF

The chief executive officer of The Pension SuperFund has said the fledgling defined benefit scheme consolidator's asset allocation is likely to resemble that of the Pension Protection Fund.

How can pension schemes support banks?

Analysis: Around 30 banks have entered into bank capital relief transactions with institutional investors, according to consultancy Aon, with the size of the market estimated at about £20bn and continuing to grow rapidly.

Small schemes making most of accessible LDI solutions

The total value of liabilities hedged by liability driven investment strategies increased to £965bn over 2017, as smaller schemes continued to take advantage of more accessible and affordable LDI solutions.

Barnet pension scheme votes to join the LAPFF

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The London Borough of Barnet Pension Fund has voted to join the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum, with the pension fund committee rejecting mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s manifesto push to bring London local authority pension schemes out of fossil fuel investment.

Disclosure standard aims for strengthened trustee buy side

Investment consultants could be required to disclose scheme data allowing clients to judge the quality of their advice under a new performance framework, which has already attracted positive early statements from two top 10 firms including 'big three' member Mercer.