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Barnet in TPR breach as Capita misses payments

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The London Borough of Barnet Council has reported itself to the Pensions Regulator after failing to produce 447 pension benefit statements on time.

Fairs: Commercial consolidators pose new challenges for regulator

The Pensions Regulator has stated its support for the introduction of defined benefit consolidators, but is still grappling with key risks and challenges including the timing of necessary legislation and the impact consolidators may have on the marketplace.

PPF benefit top-up met with anger from solvent FAS members

The Pension Protection Fund’s plan to top up compensation where members receive less than half of their original pension unfairly misses out some members of the Financial Assistance Scheme, according to a pensions campaign group.

TRIG endorses new initiative for transfer framework

On the go: The cross-industry Transfers and Re-registration Industry Group has thrown its support behind an initiative aimed at raising governance standards over pension transfers.

PPF to top up pensions to 50% ahead of legislation

On the go: The Pension Protection Fund is to begin topping up the benefits of members whose compensation has fallen below half of their original entitlement "as quickly as possible”, after a European court found its current payment structure unlawful.

Employers support pension tax relief reform

The majority of employers think that the existing pension tax structure is too complicated and needs simplifying, according to research by the Association of Consulting Actuaries.

Thales ups alts for predictable cash flows

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Trustees of the Thales defined benefit pension fund have taken steps to move away from listed equities and increased the scheme’s exposure to investments with more predictable cash flows.

Lambeth invests in multi-asset credit

The London Borough of Lambeth Pension Fund has invested around £75m into multi-asset credit from its corporate bonds allocation. It is also weighing up investment in private debt alongside other Local Government Pension Schemes.

Nortel's £2.4bn buyout pricing beats offers from superfund


News in focus: Nine years after Nortel's international insolvency, trustees of its UK scheme have secured a PPF-plus buyout. Pensions Expert looks back at the steps trustees took to achieve their pricing, and the precedent set when US and Canadian courts awarded them a £1.2bn payout.

FTSE 100 DB risk drops nearly a quarter

The aggregate risk across FTSE 100 defined benefit schemes has fallen to its lowest level in four years, according to research that seeks to integrate covenant and investment risk.